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One of BCS’ strengths is its training capabilities. BCS brings 10 years of international business continuity consulting expertise along with the opportunity to have your personnel trained by some of the best instructors in the resiliency profession.

As noted on the profiles for our consultant partners, several of them are professors or adjunct professors at renowned universities.

The mission of BCS is to not just develop an executable and actionable business continuity program for our customers, but to also teach your personnel how to develop, manage, and train others on building a resilient organization.

The International Consortium for Organizational Resilience(ICOR) is an international non-profit education and credentialing organization that provides professional development, certification, thought-leadership, and the latest in research and industry trends.

ICOR offers courses that provide training and certification in Business Continuity Management, Crisis Management and Communications, Data Center Management, Pandemic Preparedness, Social / Personal Resilience, Supply Chain Risk Management.
The mission of ICOR is to build resilient communities through collaboration and education. Please see our resilient community model.
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What brings them together is Jim Nelson. He is the President of BCS and the Chairperson of the Board of
Directors of ICOR. His vision, expertise, and experience provide the direction for both organizations.

In addition, several of our consulting team also serves on the ICOR board of directors. Peter Sirvaree-Ratana serves as ICOR Treasurer and Peter Murphy as the ICOR Vice President.

All of the other members of our consulting team are members and ICOR instructors.

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