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Included below is a listing of past and current BCS clients and customers. If you would like detail on what services were provided to any of those companies listed below, we would be happy to provide that information to you.

Universities and Government Agencies
New York City Office of Emergency Management
Penn State University
Illinois Institute of Technology

Central Bank of Thailand
PNB Bank – India
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Huntington Bank
Heritage Trust Credit Union
SunTrust Bank

American Transmission Company (ATC)
Halliburton, Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR)
British Petroleum (BP)

Pharmaceutical & Hospitals
Eli Lilly
American Medical Association
Northwest Community Hospital

Health Care Service Corporation
HMO Illinois
Fort Dearborn Life Insurance
Colorado Banker Life Insurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
Dental Network of America
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Rio Grande HMO
Founders Insurance

Other Private Industry
Follett Publishing
SHURE Electronics
Sears Holdings
Business Decisions, Inc.
IDEAL Industries
SUN Microsystems-Asia
Letters of Support
Please see the attached letters of support.

Kathy Crankshaw: Optrex America
Anthony D’Amato: Illinois Institute of Technology
Dennis Morgan: Honeywell
William Heinicke: Stafford King Wiese Architects
Chris Alvord: COOP Systems
Laurence Gration: Assoc. for Facilities Engineering (AFE)
John Cullen: Foresight PR
John Orlando: Norwich University
Michael Jennings: Strohl/SunGard/Norwich University Adjunct Professor
Paul Cramblet: Consultant
Dr. Greg Kuhn: FEMA
Nancy Ferguson: Argonne
Mark W. Light: International Association of Fire Chiefs
Thomas G. Kinnally: FBI - National Domestic Preparedness Office