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Business Continuity Management            Crisis Management            Emergency Management            Risk Management
Business Continuity Management
BCS offers a wide range of business continuity consulting services customized to meet unique client needs. BCS also provides BCM program evaluation services and facility evaluation services.

Full program development services are provided using a customized approach and methodology that is aligned to international standards whenever possible and using local standards when appropriate.

Specific standards used in all program development include: BS 25999, NIST 800 series, NFPA 1600, BS 7799, ISO/IEC 27001. ISO/IEC 20000, BS 25777, and TIA 942.

BCM program development methodolgy includes the following phases or elements:
  • BCM Program Management;
  • Conducting a risk assessment and business impact analysis to identify threats/vulnerabilities and define risks;
  • Developing business continuity and recovery strategies;
  • Plan development; (Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Emergency Management, COOP/COG, IT Disaster Recovery, and Pandemic)
  • Awareness, training, testing, and exercising the plan to identify any gaps; and
  • Plan maintenance services and guidelines
BCS offers a full audit service along with assessing the maturity of your organization’s program and benchmarking it to others in your industry.

Consultants with BCS are licensed Business Continuity Maturity Model Assessors.  For more information on BCS Program Development Methodolgy please contact

BCS provides unique technology risk management services using our CORA product.

Our clients have been extremely pleased with the flexibility in methodologies and more importantly with the results. We will work with closely with you to achieve your objectives as your right source solution.

This is what separates BCS from others who offer BCM services. BCS will not just write a plan for your organization; as trusted advisors, we will facilitate your organization to develop competencies and capabilities, planning for its own success to design a BCM program that is repeatable, expandable, scalable, and executable.