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Business Continuity Management            Crisis Management            Emergency Management            Risk Management

Crisis Management
As part of developing a resilient organization, BCS offers consulting expertise in crisis management.

From developing escalation and notification procedures to creating, staffing, and exercising the Emergency Operations Center, BCS offers complete crisis management capablities to manage crises.

  • Workforce Violience Prevention
  • Executive protection, response and succession
  • Public relations/legal
  • Employee death or injury
  • Product tampering
  • Hostile take-overs
  • Ethical violations

BCS understands crisis management for industries in the private sector, governments throughout the world, and non-government organizations / non-profits.

From Planning to Exercising to Auditing                
BCS will lead you through the following essential elements of Crisis Management:

  • Policy development
  • Program governance
  • Team development
  • Plan writing
  • Awareness & training activities
  • Exercising your capabilities
  • Maintaining & Auditing

Exercising Your Plans is Essential                             
All the planning in the world doesn't address the reality that what ends up happening to you was not anticipated in any of your scenarios.

Business Continuity Services empowers our customers to say with confidence, "I am ready to face the challenges of the unexpected."