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Business Continuity Management            Crisis Management            Emergency Management            Risk Management

Risk Management
BCS understands the risk assessment process and has experience with:

  • Facility Risk Assessments
  • Information Technology Assessments
  • Data Center Facility Assessments
  • All-Hazards Based Assessments

Risk Assessments are performed when management needs to understand the organization's potential to loss or vulnerabilities.  

The purpose of a Risk Assessment is to reduce the impact of the risks and exposures identified during the Risk Assessment.  

Once these have been identified controls need to be evaluated and recommended to prevent or minimize the effects of the potential loss.  

As a part of this process, a cost-benefit analysis would be completed to justify the investment in the recommended controls.

The Risk Management Process

BCS utilizes ISO/IEC 27001 to set the framework for our risk assessment approach.

BCS provides unique technology risk management services using our CORA product .